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Classification is one way to measure your improvement in archery.  When shooting outdoors, the following classifications are available:

  • 3rd Class

  • 2nd Class

  • 1st Class

  • Bowman

  • Master Bowman

  • Grand Master Bowman

Within the Club, we can classify up to Bowman level.  Please see the tables below for the scores needed for the different classifications and, of course, you get a badge!  You need to shoot three rounds with each round scoring above the minimum for your desired classification.

Ladies Metric

Ladies Imperial

Gents Metric

Gents Imperial

Ladies U12 Metric

Ladies U12 Imperial

Gents U12 Metric

Gents U12 Imperial

Ladies U14 Metric

Ladies U14 Imperial

Gents U14 Metric

Gents U14 Imperial

Ladies U16 Metric

Ladies U16 Imperial

Gents U16 Metric

Gents U16 Imperial

Ladies U18 Metric

Ladies U18 Imperial

Gents U18 Metric

Gents U18 Imperial

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