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Club Overview

The club’s mission is to support archers at all levels of archery skill and to be as close to totally inclusive as possible in an enjoyable and friendly environment. We have internationally ranked archers, archers who wish to shoot for fun only, and just about everything in between. Members’ ages span 10 to 70+. We have a high and growing percentage of juniors, female members and disabled archers. All our shooting sites have wheelchair access and we offer coaching for all, specifically including disabled archers. We have archers with both physical and other challenges.

All archers shoot in the same conditions, to the same rules, and as complete equals. People on the shooting line interact freely in a friendly and encouraging environment. Some of us go for a beer afterwards. A typical club shoot will have between 12 and 25+ members shooting.

The way the club is managed and run is completely transparent and based on members’ wishes. The AGM votes on a Business Plan which then determines the committee’s priorities for the year ahead. Committee minutes and the club’s finances are available to all members on the club’s web site.



The club exists to support all its members in getting the most out of their archery. Our primary obligation is to ensure that the time you spend shooting is safe and enjoyable. The club also has obligations to Archery GB, to the sites where we shoot, and generally to comply with all relevant legislation. Members are required to comply with the Archery GB Rules of Shooting and the following club rules.

For club shoots we will have a Range Captain to make sure things go safely and smoothly. Please pay attention to anything the Range Captain tells you and please do anything the Range Captain reasonably asks you to. The Range Captain will be either a club coach, a committee member or a senior archer with a whistle.

If you want to take photographs please get permission from those involved.

Juniors under the age of 18 must be in the care of either a parent or guardian, or a responsible adult with at least one other adult present at all times.


When you arrive please sign the attendance register. This is required for fire regulations and applies to everyone present.

Our equipment store is at the back of the hall down a short flight of stairs. The bosses are heavy, so when they are being moved up or down the stairs there may only be one person at the top of the stairs and one or two at the bottom. Everyone else must remain clear of the stairs.

Bosses may only be placed on stands or removed from stands by two able-bodied people.


Club Shoot Etiquette

Everyone is welcome at every club shoot. There are several different shooting activities which go on alongside each other. To make these enjoyable for everyone please observe the following.

If you are shooting recreationally please approach the shooting line smartly after the whistle and please clearly move off the shooting line immediately after shooting your last arrow.

If you are shooting in a group - either coaching or spotting for another archer - please be aware of others and move off the shooting line immediately when all other archers have done so.

Please remain reasonably quiet during shooting.

Please do not approach or leave the shooting line when archers either side of you are drawing or at full draw.

When shooting indoors please do not move from one boss to another without good reason and without informing anyone already using the boss.

On Tuesdays coaching takes priority, so coaches will be present to support anyone who would like help. People not involved in coaching are requested to cooperate by giving coaches and students space on the shooting line and priority on their target.

Fridays are primarily for free practice with the emphasis on fun and socialising. People shooting more formally should avoid delaying others by taking excessive time shooting, scoring and retrieving.

Sundays are primarily but not exclusively for formal rounds. People not shooting rounds should avoid distracting those who are. People shooting casually may shoot more than six arrows per end if they have time and wish to do so. At Millmead people arriving after shooting starts must request permission to join members already shooting on that target.


If you can, please help to set up the range before you set up your own equipment. After shooting is complete, please help to put equipment back in the store before you disassemble your own equipment.

If the face on your boss needs replacing (i.e. it is becoming impossible to check line cutters accurately) please obtain a replacement and discard / recycle the used face. Please do not put worn out faces back in the store.


Shooting Venues

From April to September we shoot outdoors at the Hazeley Academy on Thursdays 18:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 09:00 to 12:00. The school has a large car park. The entrance to the field is close to the main entrance to the school grounds, up a slight slope to the sports field. The field is within a fenced area which will be unlocked on our allocated days. 

From October to March, we shoot indoors at Millmead Hall (opposite Wolverton Station). The facilities offer toilets and a kitchen to make tea/coffee.



The Records Officer maintains and publishes the club’s shooting records and information derived from them based on scoring information received from members. The rules for recording and supplying information at club shoots, based on Archery GB rules, are as follows:

  • No archer may record his or her own score. The arrow scores may be called by the archer but must be confirmed and entered on the score sheet by a second archer / scorer.

  • Scores may be recorded in apps, on paper score sheets, in spreadsheets or any other suitable medium. As a minimum they shall record

  1. Name of archer and scorer

  2. Gender

  3. Senior / Junior

  4. Bow type

  5. Round shot

  6. Date

  7. Location of shoot

  8. Value of all arrows shot in numerical order

  9. Number of hits

  10. Number of Golds

A recorded score will be valid only if both the archer and the scorer confirm that it is correct. This can be done by both Archer and Scorer signing the score sheet / app or by both archer and scorer confirming the score by email directly to the records officer.

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