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Photographs on the Club Website


It is important to understand the legal position, which is the club can publish any photograph taken in a public place or at a club event.  In the UK the rights to a photograph taken in public lie with the photographer.  The club has some degree of control over photographs taken at a club events and has control over what is published on the website, this control will exercise those through this policy.


However, there are concerns about child protection, privacy, good manners and common sense that should be considered


  1. The public areas of the club website shall, as a general rule, contain no pictures of any club member.  Any pictorial representation of a person on the public part of the website should come from purchased stock photographs.  In the case that the club wishes to place a photograph of a living member on the public site, for example to celebrate an achievement, that member's consent should be sought and obtained either in writing, by email or verbally in the presence of two adult club members.  Please refer to part 5 below for considerations regarding photographs of young people.  Commemoration photographs of members who have passed should be published with permission of the family.

  2. An exception to rule 1 is images in the facebook feed that are displayed on the website.  The webmaster cannot exercise control over what is posted to the facebook feed but should ensure any images that generate complaint or are in obvious violation of the general photography policy are removed.

  3. Club members are expected to adhere to common standards of good manners, if you are taking a photograph which you intend to upload to facebook, ask the people in the photograph if it is OK.

  4. Photographs of club members are permitted on the private area of the site, however, the club will operate an opt-out register.  Any member of the club can opt-out of having their image placed in the private area of the web site, this register will be managed through the website and the web master will keep accurate and up to date records of the register.  The opt-out register will be publicised widely in blogs and mail shots as well as in membership information.

  5. No young person shall be identifiable by their photograph, this means that when a photo of a young person is shown their name shall not be included.  If a young person is named in an article, their image shall not be included.  This requirement can be waived with the permission of BOTH the young person AND their parent/guardian.  In this case the risk to be guarded against is that a third party may glean enough personal information on the young person to be able to be able to locate or contact them through other means, for example social media or a school website.  This risk should be explained to the young person AND their parent/guardian before consent is obtained.  It shall be desirable to ensure the young person is not photographed wearing any item, for example a school shirt or blazer, that would further assist in their identification.  Any descriptive text accompanying the image shall be restricted to the context of archery and will not provide any background information on their place of education or other hobbies and interests.

  6. A discrete copyright notice shall be placed on each image before publication, the attachment of such a notice will facilitate the removal of the image from other sites, should it escape the confines of the club website.  The copyright notice will take the form ©Newport Pagnell Archers {year} - Not to be reproduced.  Where possible and practical, the website shall not allow images to be downloaded.

  7. To enable privacy and security, and to allow a copyright notice to be attached, club members who want to upload images to the club website, will apply to the webmaster for an upload link via the Webmaster Enquiry form on the Contacts section of the club website.  Photographs uploaded via this link will be put onto the club website, then the link will be deleted.

  8. It is the responsibility of the web master to ensure the policy items numbered 1 to 7 above are adhered to.  The web master shall take direction from the child protection officer where images of young people are concerned and the opt-out register in all other cases.


For the avoidance of doubt, this means that any public blog, post or message shall not contain any image of a club member unless authority has been gained as per items 1 and 5 above.  Emails targeted specifically to members may contain images of club members subject the conditions above.

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