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We have received the all clear from Millmead to start using the hall from this week.  As we have no access to Ousedale until at least 2021, we have added a Friday session at Millmead.  We will also initially run the Sunday session as a practice session, rather than a scored round.  If we can meet demand for casual practice on the other days, we will revert Sundays to scored rounds.

There is a requirement that we clean the hall after each session, this means wiping down all door handles and surfaces in the kitchen, main hall, coffee bar, store room and the toilets.  You will also not be able to use any cups, plates or cutlery from the hall.

There will be a maximum capacity of 15 for each session, though we might split Friday into 2 sessions depending on demand.  

Please request all the sessions you are interested in, this will give us the flexibility to allocate as many people as possible to as many sessions as we can.  You can do this using the form below.  We will then get back to you with the sessions you are allocated to.  This gives you a permanent slot on the session every week, we will also put in a first come first served booking system for any spare places.

It is a requirement that you stay for the entirety of the session including the clean up at the end, we will have two teams on the go, one to put away equipment and one to clean down the hall.

There will also be a set of social distancing rules to comply with, you will get these once agreed by the committee but they will include masks when not shooting, (unless you have an exemption for something like asthma or COPD) and only touch your own kit and target.  

We will shoot three details of 5 at individual targets, collecting arrows at the end of each detail.  This means that there is likely to be a 10 - 15 minute gap between each time you shoot.  You as many arrows as you have each detail but there will be a time limit.

We will relax these rules as soon as we are able to under AGB guidance.  Please join our WhatsApp group by following this link NPA WhatsApp Group

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