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Solo Shooting Rules



This document uses the words MUST and SHOULD.

MUST means something you have to do

SHOULD means something you really ought to do


If shooting Solo


  1. You must be over 18 to shoot solo, archers under 18 must shoot in the presence of 2 Archery GB members or alone with their parent, providing the parent is a member of Archery GB

  2. You must have been certified as safe to shoot solo by our Head Coach Gren Williams

  3. You must have a mobile phone with you at all times, including when retrieving arrows

  4. You must tell someone, partner, relative or friend, where you are going and when you are expected back

  5. You must give this partner, relative or friend the telephone numbers of the committee members listed at the bottom of this email, if you are overdue and we can’t get down to the field we will give your contact the combination code of the lock so they can go and have a look.

  6. You must never shoot after consuming alcohol

  7. You must shut and lock the gate on both entering and leaving the field

  8. You must drive through the field at 5 MPH or slower

  9. You must familiarise yourself with the Risk Assessment for Caldecotte published in the members section of the website

  10. You should subscribe to the What’s App NPA Archery Dating feed and post when you are going so others may choose to join you

  11. You should not shoot if you are feeling unwell

  12. Archers shooting solo do so at their own risk, with respect to personal injury

  13. Accidents, no matter how small, must be reported to a committee member to be recorded in the accident log


Telephone Numbers:


Roger Smith 07974 364355

Hari Bakhshi 07765 226634

Carl Allan 07908 731733

Gren Williams 07719 657165


Link to Risk Assessment:


Link to What’s App Group:

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