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Newport Pagnell Archers Newsletter New Year 2017

Newport Pagnell Archers Newsletter New Year 2017

Welcome and Happy New Year. The 2017 shooting season starts on Tuesday 3rd January after a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year. Don’t forget your stretches before shooting, assuming you haven’t spent the last two weeks in the gym!

Our final Sunday at Millmead was a fun shoot - thanks Carl and Gren. We all found out that shooting barebow at small targets isn’t easy, but all the balloons got shot and lots of prizes got awarded.

Have you considered becoming a coach? Silver Arrow are running a Level 1 coaching course on 18th and 19th February. If you qualify as a coach and then help to run four Beginners Courses the club will refund your coaching fees. For more detail see

Our “Boost Archery” coaching programme will continue to help improve skills for all levels from beginners upwards. If you are interested in joining the next tranche please contact Gren. We hope to schedule a Beginners Course and a Have a Go around late January / early February. If you would like to know more contact me or see the web site (Club Information / “here”).

We have started the plan to upgrade our indoor equipment with modern high quality light weight foam bosses. The first ones should appear at Millmead towards the end of January. This will also include disposing of some old straw bosses. If you would be interested in one of these please let me know. Any that aren’t wanted will go to the tip.

We are still looking for a volunteer to take over from Valerie organising the Buckinghamshire Indoor County Championships. Section 12 of the Operating Manual describes what is involved. If you are interested let me know please.

See you in January.


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