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Newport Pagnell Archers Newsletter January 2017

January has been a very exciting month, with more to follow. The biggest and most gratifying piece of news is that we have acquired the ground, formerly used by the military gamers, to the south west of our Caldecotte range, at no additional cost. We hope to bring part of it into use this year,

probably as three or so additional short distance lanes.

Our new web site is up and running, with lots of extra functionality and content. Critically, it now does most of the work involved in capturing Beginners, Have a Goes and Joiners.

The third major news item is that we have started our boss and stand improvement program. To date, we have three brand new Pro Boss bosses at our Millmead indoor site and have moved our smaller and lighter A-frame stands to Millmead, making it quicker and easier to setup and clear away after our sessions. We have moved the larger and heavier H-frame stands to our other indoor site, at Ousedale, where this is less of an issue, and acquired

some new ones. We are also renovating existing stands, to prevent splintering, and added new ties which are long enough to wrap around twice to keep the frames tightly closed during storage and transport. Over the next year or so, we will progressively complete the program by phasing out heavy straw bosses and replacing the laminate ones with Pro Boss ones.

As we approach 100 members, these improvements will ensure that we continue to be able to cater for demand. We can accommodate a maximum of seven bosses at Millmead and nine at Ousedale. If there is sufficient demand we also have an option of adding Saturdays at Millmead for the whole season next year.

Please use the links on the club website if you would like an introduction to Newport Pagnell Archers, whether at one of our Have a Go or Beginners sessions, or if you would like to join as a member. We pride ourselves in welcoming newcomers to the sport and to the club.


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