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Newport Pagnell Archers Newsletter October 2016

Welcome to the club’s new year. This newsletter is being sent, uniquely, to everyone who is a member, has booked on a course, or who has expressed an interest in joining the club. The reason for this wide circulation is that after a great end to 2015 - 2016 we faltered a bit with Saturdays at Millmead. This is now resolved, but there are lots of people who have booked or who want to do courses but don’t know where they stand. Please for all of these contact me if you are in any doubt. Otherwise we will expect you on the day - see next paragraph.

Club shoots at Millmead on Saturday afternoons are on hold until next year. The shooting schedule, including courses, is now fully up to date on the web site: club information / operating manual / shooting schedule. One point of clarification: Sunday at Millmead is the one time when we shoot formally for those wishing to achieve and record scores. Everyone else is equally welcome to attend (of course) but please respect those who are shooting “seriously”. If you can’t arrive promptly at 1530 we will try to make a target available for recreational shooting but you may have to take pot luck!

Congratulations to Jacky for ranking 41 nationally this summer (Jacky still modestly points out this is provisional). In the future we will develop more talent to add to this! Starting point is Boost Archery training. This will allow people to progress in a structured way. First tranche commences 1st November. For more details contact Gren.

The 43rd Buckinghamshire Archery Association Indoor Championships will take place on Sunday 6th November 2016 at St Paul’s Catholic School, Phoenix Drive, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes, MK6 5EN. For an entry form see Members of NPA have supported the event for 15 years. Anyone wishing to help BAA run the event should contact directly.

At this year’s AGM the Business Plan was presented and agreed for the first time. This represented a fundamental change in the club’s governance, because once adopted by the members it set the committee’s agenda for the coming year. This is another example of how the club is changing fundamentally, with the emphasis on satisfying all members’ needs equally.

The Operating Manual is evolving to reflect developments in the club’s governance. I will continue to fine tune the club’s documentation until it addresses all needs as simply as possible and with minimal need for changes.

During this year’s renewal cycle the fee calculations changed a couple of times. Carl is resolving outstanding issues. The fees spreadsheet is on the web site under Club Information / Operating Manual.

You already have the minutes of the AGM, so I don’t need to comment further. The committee are committed to implementing your wishes in 2016 - 2017.

Thank you all and enjoy the coming year’s shooting!


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